Northern Catskills Essentials

Organic Soap and Organic Food Grade Emulsions for body and soul...

We are nestled in the northern Catskill Mountains of New York and specialize in artisan vegetable oil soaps and emulsions made the old fashioned way. Our emulsions are made by hand in small batches with love and pure culinary grade and organic vegetable oils and butters. Our perfumes and essences are blended and aged by us using essential oils for very realistic scents.  All are born of a desire to create toiletries that look, feel and smell wonderful naturally.   

Can a single bar of soap change your day? 

In ancient times, bathing was a ritual of cleansing and renewal that many of us have lost to a quick shower. We believe that bathing can still be a healthful, aromatic and rejuvenating experience that pleases all of our senses, even if we have only a few moments to spare.  We hope that as you use our creations, you will enjoy the simple pleasures they offer and they will help you in some way.

We wish for you, your families and friends an abundance  
of health, joy, Love and Light. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and patronage.

[Blends Update May, 2016 :-)]

After 6+ years in our "old" internet shop, and a fairly long break from the internet, we're closer to completion of our new web store. This has required more time than we anticipated, due in part to an ongoing evolution based on our research, experience and opinion of what an emulsion should be and do.  With a goal of approx 25% of our day devoted to research and introduction of new blends, the volume of items and continual evolution of ingredients listed in our old web store became unruly.  We're creating a more efficient and interactive web presence.  We appreciate your loyalty and patience as we continue to create your favorites and introduce more purposeful emulsions. The web store will open when most of the new Spring/Summer batches are complete. 
Our offerings are hand crafted.  We do not reprocess commercial soap or lotion bases. Everything is hand made by us using a lengthy process with our own proprietary formulas & methods and reverse osmosis filtered well water or distilled water, organic base oils and therapeutic grade Essential Oils. We have enjoyed and are grateful for over 20 years of research and formulating. 

The base oil and essential oil markets remain a bit unstable and we have experienced several increases on ingredients.  There are a few small price changes to enable us to continue using the highest quality ingredients available. 
We strive to create affordable and enjoyable blends that help you in some way, and go from our pots to your door quickly and gracefully.

Please scroll down for pricing, local shops and blends.

Ordering in this interim is very easy.

Please call us at 607.652.9221 to place your order.  We will ask for your shipping address and method of payment. You may also send us an email: with a list of your choices.  We will confirm availability and send you an invoice via email. You may then use your credit card following the easy instructions.

We will send your order or your gifts anywhere in the US with a care card via USPS Priority Mail with flat rate shipping of
$6.50 per address, usually within 2 business days.
Shipping is FREE for $75 + orders (to one address).  
Please note that some remote locations require
longer than the USPS advertised 2-3 days.
Sales tax added only for orders shipped to NY addresses.
Currently all major credit cards, Check, MO or Paypal.

Basic pricing (excludes Ltd Editions or test batches):

New batches of Spray Milks (8 oz bottle $12.00):

These can be used as a light moisturizing personal fragrance, on your bed linens etc, 
at home or in travel and for other purposes as the names suggest.
Gardener's Friend is a worthy travel companion as a linen mist or while outside to
deter insects and deodorize.  It is safe for canine friends with prudent use.
EO blend denotes essential oils only.
EO/FO blend is essential oils blended with approx 2% safe fragrance.

*Meditation & Grounding (EO blend - deep woods)
*Lavender & Peru Balsam (EO blend)
*Gardener's Friend (EO blend deodorize/repel pests)
*Energy & Productivity (EO blend - sweet basil top notes
evolve to sweet citruses finish)
*Wise Folks (EO/FO blend)

Anywhere Balms ~ Currently 3 options:
.17 oz Jar (slightly less than a lip tube) $4.50 Regular or Bronzer
.17 oz Lip Tube $5 Regular only
.25 Slider Tin $5.50 Regular only

 Restorative Oils are custom blended to order. Please allow 3 days for custom blends.

Vegetable Soap $5.50 (4-5+ oz bar, up to 20+ blends so pls call)
Lotion 8 oz $12 (a small increase)
Cream 9 oz jar $13.75 OR 12 oz jar $16.50 (a small increase)
Cream 4 oz $10.00 (a small increase)
Scrubs 12 oz $15
Liquid True Soap  (saponified veg oils w/Lavender) 8 oz $12
Perfume Roll On's 1/3 oz $15 (several blends, pls call or email) 
Herbal 24 Hour Face Cream 2 oz $15 OR 4 oz $22
Spray Milks 8 oz $12
Restorative Oils (for Hair, Body, Face) 8 oz glass bottle $25
Gift Sets (organza, straw bag or brown shred in box) $25 - 35+
Soy Candles 8 oz tin or 9 oz glass jar 

Custom gift boxes with your choices packed in brown shred
with a care card shipped to any address (shipping $6.50).
Please call us: 607.652.9221 OR 
to order your favorite soaps, emulsions and gift sets.
We have several options available for affordable corporate
gifts and events such as showers and weddings.
Our current emulsion blends (bottle indicates a lotion version):
Subject to change especially in this New Year as we add new blends and replenish current batches.

Essential Oils only creams and/or  lotions
(no parabens, cruelty, GMO's, artificial fragrance or color):

  • Lavenders (S Africa, Spanish & French 9 oz jar, 8 oz bottle)
  • Lemongrass & Lavender (uplifting 9 oz jar, 8 oz bottle)        
  • Sweet Earth (formerly Vanilla, Almond & Benzoin; sweet w/chamomile 9 oz jar, 8 oz bottle)  
  • Sweet Patchouli (Patchouli, Cedar & Benzoin 9 oz jar)
  • Calm W/MSM (herbal with sulfur - for face/body 4/9 oz jar)
  • Stress & Clarity (mints/camphor/woods 4 oz jar,8 oz spray) 
  • Meditation & Grounding (very, very deep woods :-) 4 oz jar)
  • Aphrodite (sweet with Lavender, Ylang, Patchouli 9 oz jar)
  • Sweet Woods W/MSM (complex herbal - sweet, woody with sulfur -  all body use, for stressed skin or post shave 9 oz jar)
  • Good Friend for Gardeners (Chefs and Pets...complex blend with lemongrass, lavender & woods  8 oz spray)
  • Light (..uplifting & bright with a soft rosy green finish - Bergamot, Geranium, Grapefruit and more 9 oz jar)
We offer a select few blends that contain Essential Oils
with a small amount of fragrance.
(1-2% safe fragrance, no parabens, phthalates, GMO's,
cruelty, artificial color):

Aunt Rose's Roses (9 oz jar)
Mango Papaya & Citruses (8 oz bottle, 9 oz jar)
White Gardenia & Chamomile (9 oz jar)
Wise Folks (8 oz Spray Milk, 1/3 oz Perfume)

Thank you so much for your loyalty and we look forward to hearing from you!
We do not "spam" or sell contact info, but will send an email to our contact list when the site reopens. Please send us your email to be placed on the list.

Below is a list of local shops in New York where you can try and buy our emulsions.  These are small organizations that carry a nice variety of well priced locally handcrafted arts, crafts and foods.

Artisan's Guild, Main St., Oneonta NY
Barber's Farm Shop, Rte 30, Middleburgh NY
Catskill Mt Artisan's Guild, Main St. (Rte 30), Margaretville NY
Flaca Vaca Farm Shop (Odell Lake Rd.), Harpersfield, NY
Lucky Dog Farm Store (Rte 10), Hamden NY
Roxbury General, Main St., (Rte 30) Roxbury NY
R & S Meats, 212 Unit D, Wall St., Huntington NY

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